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Brand new for 2015 - Fusion Massage

I am delighted to be associated with Fusion Massage which looks at the Western approach to massage with emphasis on the musculature system alongside the Eastern approach which concentrates on the bodies energy systems and brings both these together to create one powerful massage therapy. Please click here to find out more.


Raynor Massage Training - London

For several years, Dave Taylor has been in training to teach Raynor Massage. In November 2014, Dave travelled to New Zealand where he assisted with the teaching on a massage course there and become qualified. Dave will be running massage courses in London, with the first one starting in March, 2015 in Putney. Please click here to find out more about London Massage Training.



Team Boot Camp!

So it's been 4 years now since I have been working as a massage therapist full time. It's nearly all been an amazing experience. If there was a downside, I guess it is probably the least active job I have had recently. Don't misunderstand me hear though, the massage work itself is very physical but the rest of the time is not. So I have noticed the weight creeping up over the years! Team Bootcamp Review



Benefits of Massage for Athletes - London Olympics 2012

Often massage is still seen as a luxury and is used very infrequently. many athletes will still wait until every single muscle has seized up and muscles and tendons are rock hard before seeking out some releif through massage therapy. Read full article



History of Sutton

When the Saxons were settling England, their preferred method was to divide the country into square parishes centred around the church, manor house and village, with cultivated fields around these, and common grazing ground on the outside. Read full article



What is Chi?

The understanding of the term chi is very central to understanding many forms of massage including Raynor massage. Chi literally means life force. It can be also spelt Qi and in different cultures can be called prana or sen or spirit. Chi is the underlying energy beneath the physical body. It is the difference between a living body and a dead body.

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The Body as Elements - May 2011

In this article I would like to elaborate upon the more physical aspects of the person as seen by traditional medicine systems such as Chinese medicine and Ayurveda and ancient Greek medicine. Read full article



The Art of Massage - May 2011

There are many different approaches, styles and philosophies behind the practice of massage therapy. In some places, and by some people, massage is considered a branch of what is termed the healing arts, while other people in some places consider that massage that can be regulated and standardized according to scientific methods and then this is the only legitimate forms of massage. Where does Raynor massage fit into this debate? Read full article

Benefits of massage for weight training and gym work.

So January is the month where many of us decide to shed some of the extra pounds gained during the festive period. Adding deep tissue massage with your gym training is the perfect partner! The treatment that I do, Raynor Massage is particularly beneficial. Raynor Massage is of real benefit to athletes and gym users but works differently to sports massage. Read full article



A new study shows massage therapy may help people with chronic back pain.

A new study shows massage therapy may help people who suffer from chronic back pain. After 10 weeks, patients who got weekly massage sessions used less pain medicine and spent less time in bed than those who didn't get any special care -- although the effects had disappeared after a year. Read full article



Scientific study proves the benefits of massage for back pain. Proven!

There has been a controlled study by the Health Research Institute which has proven that massage fared better for treating lower back pain than conventional treatment. The study was done using around 400 patients aged between 20 and 65 all suffering from chronic lower back pain. The patients received a one hour massage over a 10 week period. Read full article



Sports massage and London Marathon

I was delighted to have treated several runners with massage for the 2011 London Marathon. Many have discovered the benefits of massage for running and incorporate regular deep tissue massage sessions into their training schedule. Read full article



London Massage Guide - May 2011

I'm delighted to be featuring in the news section of the London Massage Guide!

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