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Sports Massage vs Deep Tissue Raynor Massage

Have you been looking for an effective, deep tissue Sports Massage to help you with your training regime or help an injured part of the body recover? Well let me explain why Raynor Massage could well be the answer.


Raynor Massage has proven to be a substantial benefit to gym users, professional athletes or simply anyone that has started a new fitness plan.

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Works On A Deeper Level Than Typical Sports Massage

It works differently to regular Sports Massage. In fact this therapeutic style of deep tissue technique techniques works on a deeper level than your typical sports massage peeling back layers of tension often associated with sports injuries.


Raynor Massage Treats The Whole Body

Sports massage typically focuses on the parts of the body that are tight or injured. What makes Raynor Massage different is that we treat the whole person. You often find that one part of the body may feel tight but actually that area of tightness could be held tight somewhere else in the body which could then also be held tight by another area again and so on.


This means that we don’t just relieve the area that feels sore but looking at the whole body holistically to then find the deep-rooted cause of the problem. This is what makes that the results of the treatment not only effective but also long lasting.


In addition to fixing injuries, Raynor Massage can be used for prevention too. Many people have found that deep tissue massage can actually help with muscle recovery after an intense workout.


Massage Is Suitable For Anyone Regardless Of Age & Fitness Level

You don’t need to be injured or indeed very fit and active to benefit from this treatment. As long as you have some tension in your body and I have yet to find anyone that doesn’t, then having this treatment and getting rid of it is bound to make you feel better.


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