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Dave Taylor is a massage therapist who operates from a clinic in St Leonards On Sea near Hastings in East Sussex. Dave offers a deep tissue style of massage that is truly therapeutic in nature and is ideal for those looking for sports massage. This powerful style of massage is suitable for anyone regardless of age and fitness level. If you have been suffering with any kind of back pain, stiff neck, tight hips or are looking to simply have less tension in your body then why not get in touch and book an appointment today?


Location & Parking for Hastings Massage Clinic

I operate from a clinic on Bexhill Road, St Leonards on Sea. This location is ideally suited for those looking for Deep Tissue & Sports Massage in Hastings. I have a driveway that can provide off-road parking. I'm situated near Topps Tiles but on the opposite side of the road. It’s the last detached house before the fish and chip shop near the bus stop. I provide a truly professional and private clinic environment.


205 Bexhill Road

St Leonards On Sea

TN38 8BG


Advance Booking Is Always Necessary

If you would like to book a massage in Hastings then it’s important that this is arranged in advance by calling, text or email. Please don’t come to the clinic without first making an appointment. Please email, text or call me. It’s not possible for me to answer calls when I am working and for that reason you might be better sending me a text or email. You can always leave a voicemail and I’ll return your call asap.


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Dave Taylor - Advanced Raynor Massage Therapist

Dave Taylor is Raynor Massage Therapist who was trained by the Brandon Raynor, the founder of this remarkable style of massage to Advanced Level. As well as working as a Raynor Massage Therapist Dave also teaches on behalf of Brandon Raynor running training courses throughout the UK and Ireland.


Raynor Massage is a deep tissue, therapeutic massage with the single aim of finding all residual tension in the body and eliminating it. A Raynor Massage therapist will assess a client, using various tests to source where his or her body is being held tight. However, the next move is to trace that tension back to its source so that it can be released from there.


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Very often, tension can be traced back to what we call ‘anchor points.’ This will be the root of the tension. It will often be found in the feet, the hands or the person’s head and neck. In order to free someone of long-held tension a Raynor Massage practitioner will always begin by releasing the tension from its source.


Brandon Raynor originally devised this extremely effective approach in Australia. He has a rich and extremely varied background in natural healing and a wealth of knowledge derived from both Eastern and Western cultures. Brandon is a naturopath and has devoted his life to studying and putting into practise natural ways to heal the body. Along with massage therapy, his approach includes the use of flower essences, aromatherapy and wholefood nutrition as well as herbal, Chinese and Ayurveda medicine.

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The Beginnings of Raynor Massage

As a younger man Brandon travelled extensively, mainly around eastern countries where he plunged himself into the local cultures and traditions. He took a real interest in all the different forms of healing, and in particular the varied approaches to massage therapy. The types of therapies he studied included Shiatsu, Reflexology, Lomi Lomi, Thai and Chinese Massage.


Brandon Raynor never allowed himself to be completely influenced by just one cultural tradition or massage technique. In fact, it was this open-minded approach that allowed him to take the best bits from each method of treatment and combine them with the new techniques that he himself developed. This is how Raynor Massage was conceived.


Always open to new ideas and constantly working on his approach to make it as effective as possible, Brandon has remained consistent in his desire to learn. His continued dedication to explore new ways of locating and releasing the hidden tension being held in someone’s body is what allows Raynor Massage to constantly evolve. A massage that Brandon would perform today would feel entirely different than a massage he did 5 years ago. The one constant throughout has been this dogged dedication to finding the best way of getting rid of all that residual tension.


The Raynor Massage Band Theory

Earlier on we discussed where a person usually holds their tension, mainly the head, hands and feet. These are the anchor points. Well, Brandon also works with something he calls the ‘band theory.’ This is where we track the tension, along the bands that run throughout the body. Brandon Raynor has identified 12 main bands of tension, 6 of which run along the arms into the neck, chest and back. There are another 6 bands of tension that run from the feet along the legs and into the hips, sacrum area, belly and back. Many of the bands originating from the feet will merge into the bands running from the arms.


A Raynor Massage therapist will locate the tension at its source, which is usually one of the anchor points and then start releasing it along the band of tension that it lies along. We often find that to release any area that is being held tightly we have to work above and below the area. This can often involve doing very detailed work along the band that leads to the area of tension.


Sports Massage In Hastings

If you are looking for a really good Sports Massage then you really should try out Raynor Massage. In the UK people often use the term Sports Massage when they want a deep tissue massage. Dave is able to provide Raynor Massage for anyone who is looking for a sports massage in Hastings. This form of massage is great if you are in training for an event, like running a marathon or going on a bike race. Or if you are looking for a sports massage because you are working out the gym or practising yoga or pilates then Dave will be able to help you at his clinic.

Bad Pain Caused by Massage

Many massage therapists will not follow this principle and will only work on the area that seems as if it’s causing the issue. For example, a client may have a stiff, sore neck and shoulders. Some massage therapists will only work directly into the area that feels tight. It may feel good to have this worked into and could possibly bring some short-term relief from pain and discomfort. However, what is likely to happen with this approach is that it will result in bad pain. Sometimes, this pain will be accompanied by some bruising.


So, what is bad pain? Well simply put, bad pain occurs when you overwork an area without releasing the tension from its source. Many massage therapists do this. They find a really tight area and work really hard on that area to try and release the tightness. The harder they work the more sensitive and painful the area becomes. Worst of all, the tension does not effectively get released to its fullest extent.


Using the band theory, a Raynor massage therapist can avoid this unfortunate outcome by working above and below the affected area, doing very detailed work along the bands, which will release all the tension without all the pain.


Emotional Tension

Brandon Raynor also believes that tension can be held both physically and emotionally. For this reason we have to look at the whole body and in fact, all bodily systems. It is of no use dealing with physical tension if the main issue is long-held tension caused by some particular grief or trauma. We often find that the stomach or belly is where a lot of emotional tension gets stored.


Moving Blocked Energy

In addition to shifting physical tension, we want to look at how the body’s energy is flowing. Tension can often cause the body’s natural energy flow to become stuck or stagnant. When our energy is not flowing freely we simply don’t feel as great as we could. So it’s important to work with the body’s natural energy flow to ensure that is moving as freely as possible.


No Set Routine to Raynor Massage

One thing that sets this treatment apart is that fact that we don’t have a set routine of moves that we follow. We always treat each person as an individual, tailoring a treatment based on where we find his or her tension.


Where To Eat In Hastings

If you are looking for somewhere to eat before or after your massage in Hastings then please check out my where to eat in Hastings guide.



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